Hangair and Drysuit Driers

Hangair and Drysuit Driers

Seaskin Suit Driers (Pair)


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Seaskin Suit Driers rely on the silica gel absorbing moisture from were ever they are. We find the best way to "reactivate" the gel once they have absorbed a lot of water is to simply place them on top of a hot radiator and them place them back in the zip lock bag they came in. Another way of drying them is to put them in the oven after it has been switched off after cooking (if the oven has been very hot 180C or above leave it 15mins before putting them in or the plastic buckles may melt). Many people have had success with microwaving them but we find it not so effective.
The webbing straps can be used is two ways, on all Seaskin suits with braces you can clip them in to the front attachment points adjust the webbing length sop the bottom of the drier is just above the sole of the boots/socks of your dry suit. Alternatively you can connect the webbing together and drop them down each leg them adjust the webbing length to the length of the suit leg.
Don't forget the driers work on allsorts of gear and footwear you can not "wear" the silica gel out by repeated use.

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